Conflito femoroacetabular

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Conflito femoroacetabular Empty Conflito femoroacetabular

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"Como codificar conflito femoroacetabular ?"

"Femoroacetabular impingement is a condition of the hip joint in which bone overgrowth causes an abnormal shape and friction in the ball-and-socket joint. This leads to joint damage, pain, and limited mobility." (
Não existe código específico na ICD-10-CM para este diagnóstico.
Tem de se enquadrar nas outras alterações articulares: M24.85-
- joint (internal) M24.9
- - specified type NEC M24.80
- - - hip M24.85-
M24 Other specific joint derangements 
current injury - see injury of joint by body region 
ganglion (M67.4)
snapping knee (M23.8-)
temporomandibular joint disorders (M26.6-)
M24.8 Other specific joint derangements, not elsewhere classified
iliotibial band syndrome (M76.3)
M24.85 Other specific joint derangements of hip, not elsewhere classified
Irritable hip 
M24.851 Other specific joint derangements of right hip, not elsewhere classified
M24.852 Other specific joint derangements of left hip, not elsewhere classified 
M24.859 Other specific joint derangements of unspecified hip, not elsewhere classified
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